Marcel Kronenburg - IT 2014  

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IT 2014
Design for a work of art in the pond of Brainpark III
Computergraphics by Cliffhanger Visuals
commission by CBK Rotterdam
photography: Hans Wijninga

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The neighbourhood Fascinatio is based on the fantasy book “Wonderwind” by Dutch writer Tom Manders, which handles the themes of security, amazement and surprise. Thanks to an infill attraction, in other words a work of art, the theme of suspense has been added.

In the same way that the neighbourhood Fascinatio is based on a fantasy book, I base my work of art at the adjoining Brainpark 3 on the fantasy book “Swampthing”. This is a horror comic about an untamable creature of nature, a supernatural being, that revenges the injustice that mankind inflicts on nature.

Bainpark 3 is not engaged with an untamable natural world but with the unverifiable information technology, the IT-world. Cables and pipes in the pond have come to life and have become the tentacles of an independently thinking and acting life form. It grips and clamps itself onto the boardwalk. Something supernatural created itself from cables, pipes and wires otherwise used in the industrial building industry: a living thing with tentacles and with its own mind has come to life in the pond of Brainpark 3.